Empowering you to understand your body and take control of your hormones

As a naturopath specialising in hormones and intimate health, I empower women to feel good again.

I work with women of all ages from puberty to perimenopause. If you're looking to manage your hormones for vitality and wellness all month long....I’ll guide you through a practical plan that works for you.

Nicole Woodcock is a certified Women's Health Naturopath, specialising in skin and hormonal health.

Nicole is an Australian-based online women's health naturopath

Qualified clinical naturopath

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Torrens University Australia

Australian Natural Therapists Association

Professional member

Registered for Pathology and Hormone Testing

Functional health practitioner

Naturopath and Herbalists Association of Australia

Accredited naturopath

Complementary Medicine Practitioner Association Council

Registered member

Australian National Register of Accredited Natural Therapists

Registered member

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“When your hormones are in balance, you'll discover just how good life can feel physically, mentally, and emotionally."

Women’s health - particularly in terms of hormonal and vulvo-vaginal issues - can be tricky, but not impossible to manage. I know this both as a health professional and as a woman myself.  

Every woman’s body is different, which is why I work one-on-one with every client. I listen to your experiences and create a whole-body approach to your health and happiness.

Let’s begin this journey to hormonal harmony together.

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Nicole Woodcock

Bachelor of Health Science (Naturopathy)

Naturopathic remedies for treating women's health and hormonal problems.

Empowering women to achieve hormonal harmony through practical natural solutions and holistic education.

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